My name is Craig S. Kaplan, and I’m a Computer Science professor in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

I don’t do a particularly good job of creating boundaries between my work, my hobbies and creative pursuits, and my personal life. On this site you’ll find a mixture, with an emphasis on the main topics below. This site is most definitely incomplete—much more information can be found on my academic home page.

Software - Here are the various software projects I’ve worked on over the years, at least the ones for which I’ve created web pages. These are usually not research prototypes, but software or libraries that are available publicly, whether as source code or executables.  
Teaching - This is where I intend to collect general information about the courses I’ve taught or will teach.
Art and Design - My research is about applications of computer science and mathematics to the world of art and design. Sometimes I apply that interest directly in my own projects. The objects I create tend to use a fair amount of mathematics and programming. But in the work on this page I began …