CS 791, Spring 2015

CS 791, Spring 2015

This is the web page for the Spring 2015 offering of CS 791, Non-Photorealistic Rendering, at the University of Waterloo. This page offers a brief introduction to the course together with timely announcements. Use the sidebar on the left to navigate to pages with more specific information.


30 June 2015: I’ve put up a first version of the project information so that you can think about topics and start to form a vision of your proposal. I might reorganize the page a bit, but the core elements won’t change.

30 June 2015: Assignment 4 is now online.

20 June 2015: Assignment 3 is now fully available. Sorry about the delay.

16 June 2015: I’ve posted a first version of Assignment 3, about symmetry and Celtic knots. Most of the material is in place, but I do need to add images for Question 2.

13 June 2015: Changed the syllabus to reflect a new marking scheme based on four assignments.

02 June 2015: I’ve posted a short Assignment 2, due June 15th. I’ve also extended the lecture notes just a bit (though I still haven’t reached the end of Halftoning, boo).

11 May 2015: I’ve added a syllabus that captures the main logistics of the course, and cleaned up the lecture notes page a bit.

09 May 2015: For a while I’ve wanted to move more of my professional content to this website, which I personally maintain using WordPress. It just so happens that this offering of CS 791 is one of the first opportunities to use this site for a significant bit of new web content. I’m not particularly experienced with WordPress, so it’s quite possible I’ll make a hash of it. Feedback welcome.