Celebration of Mind 2021

On April 23rd, 2021, I’m giving a talk about Parquet Deformations for the Gathering4Gardner Celebration of Mind. As is usual in 2020–2021, the talk will be delivered online. When I share my screen over Zoom, animations don’t necessarily come through smoothly, and it’s hard to share links with audience members. So I’m collecting all that peripheral information here, allowing me to share a single link during and after the talk.


  • Animated isohedral tilings: I show this animation loop. Many more such loops can be found in the supplementary material for my Bridges 2019 paper (see below).
  • Animations in space and time: I show four recent animated loops, all based on a transition between squares and the Cairo tiling.  They are Slide 1, Slide 2, Swirl 1, and Swirl 2.


  • The isohedral tilingsif you’re a programmer interested in writing software to manipulate tilings (specifically isohedral tilings), my Tactile (C++) and TactileJS (Javascript) libraries are free and easy to use. TactileJS is also available on npm.
  • Animated isohedral tilings: See my Bridges 2019 paper “Animated Isohedral Tilings”.
  • Grid-based evolution, organic evolution, fractal evolution: the drawings are new, but the techniques appeared in my Bridges 2010 paper “Curve Evolution Schemes for Parquet Deformations”.
  • Generic interpolation, topological transitions: I talk about some of these ideas in my Bridges 2008 paper “Metamorphosis in Escher’s Art”.
  • The book: I’m contributing a chapter to a forthcoming book Space Tessellations: Experimenting with Parquet Deformations, edited by Werner Van Hoeydonck. It should be published in Fall 2021.
  • More information: If you’d like to go a lot deeper into the topic of Parquet Deformations, David Bailey has an excellent page on the subject with lots of references, history, people, images, and videos.