Good Fences Privacy Policy

Good Fences collects no data from you. Not of any kind. None whatsoever.  Go ahead and have fun solving puzzles, and rest assured that I’m not looking over your shoulder.

In particular:

  • Location information: No, I’m not interested in that and don’t collect it.
  • Personally identifying information such as email addresses: I don’t collect that either.
  • Data gathered through your device’s microphones, cameras, or other physical sensors: I never touch those. I hope you’re seeing a theme here.
  • Storage or archival of personal data: I don’t collect anything, so there’s nothing to store. The app does remember your progress through the puzzles on your device.
  • Sharing of data with third parties: I don’t collect any information, so there’s nothing for me to share with other organizations.
  • In-app advertising: good lord, I would never do that. This app will never show you an ad, so no information is shared with advertisers.
  • Any other information I may be forgetting to single out: seriously, I collect no data at all.

In short, this is a simple, self-contained app that does exactly what it says and nothing else. I just want to make something that you might find fun and beautiful, without burdening you with difficult choices about privacy. So don’t worry: you’re safe here.