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Slide to Unlock

Earlier this year I created a web-based mobile puzzle game called “Slide to Unlock“. The premise is very simple, and probably easier to understand by trying it rather than reading about it. To clear a level, you must slide disks along their tracks, gradually removing those tracks until nothing is …

The Tactile libraries

I developed a new open-source software library for manipulating isohedral tilings, based on the work I did on this topic during my PhD. The library is available in C++ and Javascript, and I offer a few fun automated and interactive demo programs that anybody can use to play with isohedral tilings.

Arctic Monkeys Simulator

This term, I’m once again teaching CS 106, a second-level introductory programming course with a focus on art and data visualization. The course is taught using Processing, which provides a fun and accessible (though flawed) environment for art-focused novice programmers. The most recent lecture¬†includes a discussion on drawing graphs, and …

Hypocycloid juggling patterns

I’ve been having fun experimenting with interesting visual patterns that emerge when multiple points are moved around hypocycloids. I ended up writing a Bridges conference paper on the topic, but the animated quality of the results is so crucial that it seemed absolutely necessary to create a web page to …