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Escher-like Spiral Tilings

The artist M.C. Escher drew many lovely tilings, which he called “regular divisions of the plane”. He worked hard to ensure that his tilings were of lifelike animal forms such as birds and fish. He filled notebooks with hand-drawn sketches of tilings, many of which later found their way into …


After many years, I developed an open-source library called Tactile, based on the research I did during my PhD. I also created a Javascript version of the library. This page offers a demo of the Javascript library, in the form of an interactive tool for editing the shapes of tiles.

Good Fences

Good Fences is a geometric puzzle game for iOS and Android in which you must surround a Kernel with a Fence made up of copies of the kernel. It should appeal to people who enjoy standard logic puzzles like Sudoku or Kakuro, but offers more hands-on geometric appeal, as in jigsaw puzzles or board games like Blokus.

Multiplication Drill

MultDrill is a web app that children can use to practice their times tables. It was also a first experiment in developing a web app using Haxe and OpenFL.

Spin Draw

Spin Draw is an iPad app that simulates a generalized version of a HOOT-NANNY, a die-cast metal drawing toy from the early twentieth century. The HOOT-NANNY belongs to a large class of mechanical drawing toys, of which the most famous is probably the Spirograph. Spin Draw can produce a broad class of fun swirly line drawings.