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Generative Zellij

Procedurally generated Zellij compositions. Click on the drawing and press the space bar to generate a new composition. Press the ‘s’ key to download an SVG file. Yes, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that a couple of years ago, I experimented with NFTs. Look: I was younger then, and …


After many years, I developed an open-source library called Tactile, based on the research I did during my PhD. I also created a Javascript version of the library. This page offers a demo of the Javascript library, in the form of an interactive tool for editing the shapes of tiles.

Good Fences

Good Fences is a geometric puzzle game for iOS and Android in which you must surround a Kernel with a Fence made up of copies of the kernel. It should appeal to people who enjoy standard logic puzzles like Sudoku or Kakuro, but offers more hands-on geometric appeal, as in jigsaw puzzles or board games like Blokus.

Multiplication Drill

MultDrill is a web app that children can use to practice their times tables. It was also a first experiment in developing a web app using Haxe and OpenFL.

Spin Draw

Spin Draw is an iPad app that simulates a generalized version of a HOOT-NANNY, a die-cast metal drawing toy from the early twentieth century. The HOOT-NANNY belongs to a large class of mechanical drawing toys, of which the most famous is probably the Spirograph. Spin Draw can produce a broad class of fun swirly line drawings.