Lecture Notes


Lecture notes

After completing each module of the course, I typically post an extended set of lecture notes here, which summarize the main points of the lecture and provide pointers to any papers discussed.

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Halftoning
Lecture 3: NPR Packing
Lecture 4: Discrete element textures
Lecture 5: Artistic line drawing
Lecture 6: Introduction to symmetry theory
Lecture 7: Celtic knotwork
Lecture 8: Introduction to tiling theory
Lecture 9: Polygonal tilings
Lecture 10: Islamic star patterns
Lecture 11: Isohedral tilings
Lecture 12: Escher's tessellations
Lecture 13: Metamorphosis and deformation
Lecture 14: Nonperiodic and aperiodic tilings

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