Continental Stores

Predictably, the rate at which I can visit espresso shops with the rocket cup far exceeds the rate at which I can go home and write about the experience. It would seem that the delay between visiting and blogging has grown to over three months. Oh well; I’m sure there’s a way to attribute the growing gulf to “internet time”. In any case, I don’t intend to extend this project indefinitely. I have only another six or so visits photographed, and very few plans to bring the cup out with me on further adventures. I’ve visited a great many more espresso shops in my travels through London, but I don’t feel the need to inflict the cup on all of them, or to fill the internet with my uninformed drivel about espresso. (The good news, by the way, is that I have a whole new cup project on the go, which I hope to be able to write about in a month or two.)

A bit over three months ago I visited Continental Stores, a new shop opened by the very well known Store Street Espresso (links are to twitter pages; bless their hearts, they don’t have a web page). The space is light and airy, with high ceilings that don’t feel cavernous, and brightly coloured art on the walls. The baristas are exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable. It’s one of the better spaces in town for getting a bit of work done, although (because?) I don’t believe they offer wifi. It’s also very close to the British Library, which works out well if I’m planning a visit or a meeting at the latter. I’ve returned to Continental Stores at least two or three times.

Continental Stores

The lovely baristas at Continental Stores.

The espresso was, of course, delicious. In fact, it was doubly delicious. On at least one visit (possibly this one, possibly the next one) I got to talking with the barista about the roasts they had on offer, and he gave me a second shot of some alternate roast he was trying. As much as free shots of espresso are a double-edged sword, it’s always fun to taste the contrasts. No, I can’t remember what coffee it was; I believe they get their beans from a number of different places. In cases like these I really ought to take notes. But I suppose that would suggest that I was taking this project seriously, or that, you know, I knew anything about coffee.

Continental StoresContinental Stores

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